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Why use a temporary staffing service?

Staffing shortages impact every aspect of your business, from decreased quality of care, to decreased revenue per service.  Often finding the preferred staff members can be a long and arduous process, further straining resources.  Alegro provides a fast, professional, and efficient solution for all your immediate and future staffing needs, including:

How does Alegro recruit healthcare professionals?

Alegro Healthcare understands the importance of success in every interaction. Our recruitment strategy uniquely blends traditional methods of connection such as print and industry conferences, with more innovative and progressive initiatives. Those include individual community organization partnerships, and internet field nets.

Why should I use Alegro Healthcare for my healthcare staffing needs?

Alegro Healthcare is a fast-growing provider of healthcare recruitment and staffing services. Our partners are offered onsite visits at their facilities, where their Alegro Staffing Consultant can learn first-hand more about their needs, and expectations.  In tandem with our partner’s growth and vision, we help in the creation of highly qualified and diverse staff.  Alegro heavily incorporates the use of technology to efficiently further processes, and strengthen communication and understanding of our partner’s needs.  Alegro provides real solutions, in real time, securing trust every step of the way.

How do we qualify your healthcare professionals?

Alegro strives to ensure your trust and business.  We believe an integral part of earning your trust lies in our candidate screening process.  Alegro ensures all candidates’ experience; education, training, and integrity are in accord with our partner’s hiring criteria.  In addition, we continue to evaluate our healthcare professionals after placement to ensure mutual satisfaction with assignment, and job performance.

About Alegro

Alegro was formed to satisfy the growing need for highly qualified diverse healthcare professionals. We provide recruiting and staffing services for direct-hire, temporary-to-hire, and temporary positions.

Contact us

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